Breaking the barriers of homelessness involves dealing with more than just physical and housing needs. The guests and program participants of The Harvest Center of Charlotte need to reintegrate into a healthy community as they move from survival mode to a place where they are adding opportunities for structure and personal growth to their daily lives. The time for action is now! Be a part of a Move that Matters by either donating funds, volunteering your time, or taking time to pray for our organization and the lives we are transforming. As Matthew West sings "Do Something" in the video below ask yourself, if not you, who?   

Prior to coming to The Harvest Center of Charlotte, I heard about the “miracles” on Brewton Drive and now I am honored to work everyday to see the miraculous transformation of men and women who are broken many times, without hope. The great thing about working at THC is the unique opportunity I have to work beside passionate people who care about people. Board members, staff and volunteers bring our mission to life everyday through their compassion and care for less fortunate members of our community. I have worked for 20 years in the non profit community here in Charlotte and I can say without a doubt that there is not another place like this in the city that cares for others with such grace and dignity! The Harvest Center of Charlotte is a jewel in the Queen City and I believe those who give and support our work are the best!
— Colin Pinkney, Executive Director


The Harvest Center of Charlotte is an extremely lean organization that receives no federal funding, but instead relies on funding from individuals, corporations, churches, foundations, programs, and events. Pray for opportunities to engage, situations to relate, and spiritual connections to transform.

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Make a Move to donate will help us engage, relate, and transform those affected by homelessness, poverty, or unemployment. Donate now and Make a Move that Matters!

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Current Location: 1800 Brewton Drive, Charlotte NC 28206


Make a Move that Matters by volunteering your time and talants and being part of the transformation happening at The Harvest Center.  Join now and make a Move that Matters!

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Summer of 2015: 2225 Freedom Drive, Charlotte NC 28206