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For about three years, I met a few times per week with Greg to teach him to read. Greg was around 50 years old and his literacy assessment put his skill level around that of a first grader. He had struggled with drug addiction since the age of 14. The frustrations and roadblocks to his recovery were so clearly linked to his inability to read. One day we decided to work through the Lord’s Prayer. On a printed sheet we read through it together, sounding out words, talking about the meaning of the words, looking at punctuation, etc. I will never forget when Greg realized that “forgive us our trespasses” did not actually mean forgive us when we walk across someone’s yard where we are not supposed to be; we laughed so hard for so long about that. Working with Greg, and others like him, has taught me to redefine what I consider “success.” Sometimes it is in the outcome or desired result, but most of the time it is found in the relationship and shared journey with another person. Just this month, Mike and Phillip, two new students, have quietly come forward asking for help - my heart overflows at their courage. The Harvest Center of Charlotte has created a safe and loving place where we walk beside each other as brothers and sisters in Christ, helping one another and being transformed as a result of it.
— Beth Bowen, Board Member & Adult Continuing Education Volunteer

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