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I believe THC makes a difference in the community, in the lives of the homeless, and in my life! Galatians 5:13 says “to serve others, because without service provided for those in need, how can we possibly serve God as well?!” At The Harvest Center, I have seen how serving others shows that we love and care.
— Matthew, Weekly Guest of The Harvest Center of Charlotte
Matthew and Brandi, Core Services Director for THC 

Matthew and Brandi, Core Services Director for THC 

I have been volunteering and serving hot meals at The Harvest Center of Charlotte every week for 10 years!! I walked in on a Wednesday to serve lunch 10 years ago and have been going back ever since. The presence of God was strong, the staff took me under their wings to teach me the ropes, the other volunteers were warm and welcoming, and the guests we serve were the reason I stayed.

As a volunteer, I went to serve others but I have received so much more. I have been blessed by our guests that despite their circumstances, offer a smile and a hug! The staff has ministered to me through the ups and downs of my own life and are quick to pray with you. We have a regular group of volunteers that have have become family as we gather week after week to serve the Lord. We welcome and encourage new volunteers because we know their lives will be transformed.

There is something so special about the Harvest Center of Charlotte that I have never seen anywhere else. Most visitors or new volunteers will say the same thing when they walk in and spend some time with us. We hear great music every week along with a message from a guest pastor and then serve a hot 3-5 course meal. You should hear people talk about the food!

The Harvest Center of Charlotte is a place for all to gather and be touched by God! Serving hot meals is just a small part of the overall Harvest Center of Charlotte experience for volunteers and guests. We come alongside our guests and let them know they are loved. It is a place where we are all equal...young and old, black and white, rich and poor. We are all God’s children brought together to enjoy fellowship with one another!
— Mary Waite, Volunteer

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