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For three years, I was very sick with something called Crohn’s disease, not knowing at times if I was going to live or die. During this time, I lost a great job, my home, car, and most of all some family members. God reminded me of the scripture verse, 1 Corinthians 9: 24-27. Paul tells us that the life of a follower of Christ is a race we must run. I could have done well to remember that the Christian life is a race of endurance, not of speed. It’s a marathon not a sprint. We cannot coast for a moment, but instead be diligent to keep ourselves focused on the end of the race. If we do not remain diligent, we run the risk of not finishing our race well. Paul tells us that he had to fight and discipline himself to continue to live the Christian life. He knew that if he allowed himself to stop for a moment, then he might quit and not finish the race. He did not want to come to the end of his life and be disqualified for a crown because he failed to follow Jesus to the end. I would like to thank The Harvest Center of Charlotte and the Business Builders Classes and all my family for their help in getting me back into the race, helping me find a great job and putting me back together again. I have a new and better life and am so grateful to The Harvest Center of Charlotte staff and my dear and good friend Jim Martin (volunteer and Board Member) for believing in me and giving me this great chance and opportunity to go forward with my life.
— Jeffrey, Transformation Program Graduate, August 2014
On my first visit to The Harvest Center of Charlotte I was impressed at every turn. The dedication and compassion of volunteers and staff was evident everywhere. But it was when we walked in the newly donated women’s residence in process of being refurbished that I knew I wanted our family to be a part of the lives that were being changed there. A strong hardworking man greeted our group introducing himself as “the other Kenny Rogers” (an amazing resemblance!) and his bright smile just radiated joy. He showed us the work that they had already done in the home as he shared a bit of his own story and I learned the source of that smile. As a younger man he had come into a rough patch of life and had been helped out of it by the caring hearts of others. Now in turn he found fulfillment in doing the same. His story illustrated the beauty of God’s design of the cycle of giving and I was hooked. Upon leaving that afternoon, I asked Colin about the most urgent need the Harvest Center had and he told me it was to replace the outdated computer lab. My husband and I didn’t have the strength or talent to help refurbish a house like “Kenny Rogers” did but we did have the ability to create that computer lab and so we gratefully joined the cycle of giving necessary to keep The Harvest Center moving to change lives. I believe your level of generosity is not determined by how much you have, but by how much of what you have you are willing to share. Wayne and I have been fortunate to have had giving modeled to us in our lives and now by making part of our grant a matching challenge, we hope you will join us in modeling it for others.
— Leslie Teddy, Donor of Matching Challenge & Volunteer

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